Apple Orchard Game

Apple Orchard

Game Design & Development

This was a project for my Media Device Architecture class. We learned low-level programming in C and were asked to apply that knowledge to create a game for the Game Boy Advance.

Link to Github repository:  GitHub


The requirements for the game were mostly pretty open-ended and we were encouraged to be creative. At minimum, we were asked to incorporate the following:

  • Original animated sprites and art
  • A parallax tiled background
  • Menu, instruction, and pause screens
  • Sound effects and music
  • State machines to control the transition between screens

How to Play

It's apple-picking season, and granny needs your help gathering apples to make her famous apple pies!

  • Press the left and right keys to move the basket.
  • In order to score points, the player must press [A] to empty the basket of apples. The more apples in the basket, the more points they will get.
  • 0 apples = 0 pts
    1 apple = 2 pts
    2 apples = 4 pts
    3 apples = 8 pts
    4 apples = 16 pts
    5 apples (full basket) = 50 pts!!
  • When the basket is full (contains 5 apples), the player will not be able to catch any more apples.
  • If the player has a full basket of apples, he/she can empty the basket to make a pie and get bonus points.
  • If the player catches a rotten apple in the basket, the whole basket will be "spoiled" and automatically emptied, awarding no points. The player will also lose a life each time a rotten apple is caught.
  • Apples will fall progressively faster and faster as the game goes on!
  • CHEAT: (Only once per game) Press the UP button 5 times during the game to get an extra life!

Final Product

gameplay gif