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DogGo is a cross-platform app for the everyday working office dog. The app includes a weekly calendar for dogs to clock in their office visits, a directory of office dogs, and their dog profiles. As the design lead, I kicked off this project by conducting user research and creating user profiles, flows, and stories. I also worked closely with the native iOS and Android developers on my team to create platform-specific designs, visual assets, and detailed style guides.

iOS PrototypeAndroid Prototype


Screenshot of office dog sign up sheet

The office I interned at this past summer (Big Nerd Ranch) recently implemented a dog policy that allows employees to bring their dogs to the office. There is a Google sign up sheet to let others know when you are bringing your dog; however, it is rarely up to date.

Office dogs are very popular and we wanted to provide an easy-to-use application that allows everyone to learn about all the dogs in the office and keep a record of which dogs came in which day.

User Research

In order to create user profiles and user stories later on, I first interviewed some dog owners around the office. I talked to 5 dog owners and 5 non dog owners and here’s what I found:

  • Overall, people love having dogs in the office. It makes the work environment feel like home.
  • Dogs are a great chance for people to socialize with others in the office, but dog owners have to be mindful of their work spaces and other dogs.
  • People have certain rules/things-to-know about their dogs (Eg. no treats, don’t pet belly area, might bark if they run into other dogs, etc.)
  • Very few employees are aware of the sign-up sheet and it is never utilized.
  • There is a definite need for a scheduling system.

Minimally Viable Product

↳ Definition: Basically, no matter how little time or resources we have, it MUST have these essential features in order to be reliable and functional.

Since we only had a 1 month time span for this project, I had to sort out all the requested features. To do that, I made a bunch of sticky notes for the features and organized them in a spectrum of most to least important.

iOS Style Guide

From those sticky notes, I then wrote out the user stories.

Link to User Stories

User Flow Diagram

I also mapped out the user flow from a dog owner's perspective to visualize the navigation in the app.

iOS Style Guide


High Fidelity Wireframes with Apple Human Interface Guidelines


High Fidelity Wireframes with Google Material Design

Style Guides

iOS Style Guide
Android Style Guide