Delivery Drone

Product Design | Sketching

This was the final project for my Visual Design Thinking class. We were asked to design and sketch the next generation of autonomous delivery bots.


  • Include features that enable the bot to traverse different terrains in urban evironments (Eg. Wheels, propellers, etc.)
  • A sensing system that makes the bot aware of its surroundings and trigger object avoidance maneuvers
  • A storage unit for the bot to carry its cargo, and a digital/physical interface for users to interact with to access said cargo


  1. Ideation: Brainstorming, thumbnail sketches
  2. Storyboarding: Creating a storyboard that demonstrates how users would interact with said robot
  3. Hero Shot: A sketch of the robot in a contextual setting


thumbnails page 1
thumbnails page 2



Hero Shot

hero shot