Humans vs. Zombies Simulator

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Game Design | 3D Environment Modeling

This was a project for my Video Game Design class. We created a third person survival game with the Unity game engine. The game was inspired by the annual Humans vs. Zombies game on campus, in which a team of "humans" must survive against a team of "zombies" while the "zombies" try to infect as many people as they can. Since the game is set on Georgia Tech's campus, I recreated our campus environment with 3D models and texture mapping.

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Game Trailer

How to Play

You are the last survivor of Humans vs. Zombies. Campus is infected with the undead. Get to the goal point within the time limit and kill as many zombies as you can!


  • W: run foward
  • S: run backward
  • MOUSE: rotate and turn left/right
  • LEFT MOUSE CLICK: throw sock
  • SHIFT: crouch
  • SPACE: jump
  • ESC: pause/ in-game menu

Collect items by colliding with them:

  • Pizza: +25% health
  • Coffee: speed boost
  • Ammo box: +5 sock ammo


Georgia Tech Campus.

setting screenshot 1
setting screenshot 2
setting screenshot 3
setting screenshot 4


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  • Running
  • Hiding
  • Collecting items
  • Killing zombies
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  • Random spawning
  • Pathfinding and proximity detection
  • Killing player

Project Objectives

3D "Gamefeel"

  • Goals for each level
  • Ability to pause game and restart

Fun Gameplay

  • Three levels with different start point & goals
  • Vary difficulty by amount of each type of zombie (crawling, walking, running)
  • Collect items for ammo, healing, speed boost
  • Explore GT campus
  • Time limit for each level

3D Character Controller with Realtime Control

  • Player can run, jump, crouch, throw
  • Third person camera follows mouse

Realtime NPC steering/AI

  • Zombie AI
  • Player can hide from zombies

3D World with Physics and Spatial Simulation

  • 3D campus model
  • Trees and bushes with wind effect
  • Sound effects for player and zombie, reaching goal point, running into objects
  • Fog particle effect barrier