DogGo app on iPhone X


UI/UX | Android | iOS

June 2018 – July 2018

Project Overview

DogGo is a cross-platform app for the everyday working office dog. The app includes a weekly calendar for dogs to clock in their office visits, a directory of office dogs, and their dog profiles.

My Contributions

As the design lead, I kicked off this project by conducting user research and creating user profiles, flows, and stories. I also worked closely with the native iOS and Android developers on my team to create platform-specific designs, visual assets, and detailed style guides.


The office I interned at (Big Nerd Ranch) recently implemented a dog policy that allows employees to bring their dogs to the office. There is a Google sign-up sheet to let others know when you are bringing your dog; however, it is rarely up-to-date.

Office dogs are very popular and we wanted to provide an easy-to-use application for everyone to learn about all the dogs in the office and keep a record of which dogs came in on which day.

Doggo Google Sign Up Sheet

User Research

In order to create user personas and user stories later on, I first interviewed some dog owners around the office. I spoke with 5 dog owners and 5 non dog owners and here’s what I found:

Minimum Viable Product

↳ Definition: Basically, no matter how little time or resources we have, it MUST have these essential features in order to be reliable and functional.

Since we only had a 1 month time span for this project, I had to sort out all the requested features. To do that, I made a bunch of sticky notes of the features and organized them in a spectrum from most to least important.

Doggo Feature Prioritization

User Flow Diagram

I also mapped out the user flow from a dog owner's perspective to visualize the navigation in the app.

Doggo User Flow Diagram

Style Guides

Doggo iOS Style Guide
Doggo Android Style Guide

iOS Prototype

Android Prototype

What I Learned

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